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Behind the scenes of skate music production

Naz wins the 2019 PFO

Da Blacksheep has a Certified Gold Record behind his Home Studio Setup

D Millz singing and playing keys

ItsYaBoyDonte uses Post-It Notes to jot down ideas for his tracks

ItsYaBoyDonte doing some Mastering on a new track

DJ McAfee's Home Studio Setup

DJ Pooh's Screensaver

JayRenard making tracks in Jamaica

Antidote's Home Studio Setup

P@Hicks got a new toy (Akai MPK Mini)

ItsYaBoyDonte using a VU Meter and EQ to get the sound right in a mix

Just a small portion of Geese Da Goon's Music Library

B Dash, JayRenard, and Dame-O pause for a picture with Trish at The Session (ATL)

DJ McAfee sampling a vinyl record into his MIDI Controller

ItsYaBoyDonte's Home Studio Setup

Two Skate Producer tracks back-to-back

Geese Da Goon makes beats everywhere...even at work!

ItsYaBoyDonte making tweaks in Massive X

Mansah's Desk Setup

JayRenard features skaters and producers in his SkateNightMag

Antidote's notes from a Music Theory lesson

Antidote sampling Whitney Houston for a House track

DJ Pooh working on a new track

Mansah's Upgraded Studio Setup

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